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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Good News

In answer to the specific prayers we requested, ALL our fingerprint clearances are back--even Todd's which was just done on the 10th of this month--the day he turned 18! That is fabulously fast for this area. . . so I know God's hand was on that.

Our SW reports that he hopes to have the rough draft of our home study ready for me to puruse yet this week, and then hopes to sign off on it shortly thereafter. This is good news--very good news indeed!! That will mean we were able to get our homestudy done in less than 3 months--a personal record for us. Guess the third time was the ticket, eh?! All that practice . . . we must be getting faster?! (Some of it honestly was that we were able to get in to our family Doctor sooner for physicals than previously. It seems that the slower economy means he is no longer needing to book routine physicals as much as 6 weeks or more in advance! Also, alot of our documentation was on hand from previous times so not so much time needed for that . . . and we knew how to contact the fire inspector directly this time instead of fighting for weeks trying to get someone who would connect us with him! It all makes a big difference in terms of speed.

I'm working hard on trying to figure out what our next steps need to be in terms of obtaining the many documents Katya's' country requires. While they require less it seems overall than Russia required for Kristina's adoption, some of the requirements are going to require some interesting hoop jumping here in our country, since officials are not used to the requests for certain documents. Our family would earnestly entreat your prayers on that angle, as we feel burdened to be able to get this DONE in a timely manner due to the concern we feel about Katya's physical condition.

Our family also would like to ask if you would continue to pray with us about the finances. The amount of time left to raise the money we need for airfare, lodging while in Katya's country etc.  feels VERY slim--but we do not want to give in to fear. God has not given us the spirit of fear, but of faith and love and a sound mind. We will do whatever we can personally--saving like misers, pinching our pennies, fundraising, selling items and so on. But even with all of our efforts, I know God will still need to intervene miraculously. We know He did it for Kristina's adoption, and we are trusting Him. He is worthy of our trust.

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Teacher Girl said...

As always, praying! I'm so glad to hear a positive update!