"We are going to focus on LIFE for Katya. I believe, one day, she will amaze the world."

Dr. Ben Carson on Katya Dueck

Saturday, November 6, 2010

By Faith

There is a chapter in Heberews that reads like this:  "By faith . . . . "   "By faith . . .  " and it goes on to recite after each "By Faith" the name of a real live person and tells what they accomplished or did for God BY FAITH. In case you want to look it up in your Bible, it's Hebrews 11: and is sometimes called "The Faith Chapter". You can also go read it here: http://kingjbible.com/hebrews/11.htm 

Tonight as I pondered what to share with my blog readers, the topic of "faith" kept coming to me.

By faith in God and His calling, we have set out on the adoption journey to Katya.

By faith we have started fundraising, trusting God to do what seems impossible and raise the $25,000 or so that we are going to need to complete Katya's adoption.

By faith in God, we have started shelling out funds for our adoption process. The homestudy, fingerprinting, medical exams, authentications and apostilling and Fed-Ex fees to Katya's country. All told so far, ALOT OF MONEY.

By faith, we are choosing to trust God and His leading--even though we do not know for sure whether or not we will get to bring Katya home. We are only too painfully aware after having a previous adoption attempt fall through that we could be doing all of this with NO CHILD at the end. I will admit to you that at least some of us have struggled hard with this particular angle. It affects even how enthusiastic we feel about fundraising . . . . because it's easy to feel like we COULD be doing all of this for nothing. We have had to choose again and again to TRUST GOD and His purposes no matter what the outcome of this is.

And on a really personal level, by faith, we have made a decision to purchase a specific piece of clothing for Katya  . . .

See this sweet nightie? You can't tell it in this tiny photo, but the yoke is smocked and has embroidered gingerbread boys on it.

Gingerbread Cookie Pajama Gown

And this pair of PJ's?

Gingerbread Sweetie Two-Piece Gymmies<sup>™</sup>

By faith . . . . that nightie, and another one, and the coordinating PJ's are residing in a tucked away spot in our house. By faith, after much deliberating, we choose to purchase them (after we found a  great sale, of course!) By faith, we are trusting that next winter, Katya will be here with our family and wearing her gingerbread boy nightie and matching with Kristina in her gingerbread boy nightie,  and both of them coordinating with Chad in his PJ's.

I put several days of thought and conversation with Paul into the matter before we decided to go ahead and spring for it. We don't normally buy brand new nightgowns for the girl's as they are easy to sew. But we wanted to have coordinating for the potential 3 youngers  . . . we know Kristina will LOVE matching/coordinating, and hopefully Katya will too. Hopefully it will help to encourage a sense of identity with her new family  . . . . as I purchased this nightwear, it felt like I was holding it out as an offering of sorts to God . . . like a step of faith and obedience, yet knowing the hard, cold reality could be that Katya's nightie will never be worn by her. Pray God that isn't so, but I need to be realistic . . .

No, I don't plan to go shopping for a lot more clothing for her at this point . . . but I've got my symbol of faith and hope and courage . . . . that sweet little gingerbread boy nightie! "God, by faith, I am trusting You--that You can bring Katya home to live with us if You choose!"


Amy said...

That nightgown is ADORABLE! I can't tell from the photo, but it almost looks like it oculd work as a normal dress as well.

schoolmother said...

Hope Ann, I am so happy that you are working to adopt this little girl. And I really like your blog. May God show himself very precious to you on this journey of faith.

Julia said...

I can't wait to follow this journey of faith!!

The Annessa Family said...

Hi! I'm Brooke and I'm part of the RR family (though not through adoption) and I am so happy to follow along on your journey! We know we want to adopt and we know we want a girl. The rest is all just a God thing - we don't know from where, or when, or anything else. It's certainly a walk of faith!